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IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: The software on this version of Ultimate Gardening CD-ROM triggers a security breech when updating to version 7 or higher of Java. While an internet connection is not required to access this CD's content, it requires an internet browser with Java for viewing the files. As a result of the security breach, the files on this CD cannot be viewed once Java has been updated to version 7 or higher.

Mother Earth News magazine editors have assembled some of their most popular organic gardening articles and compiled them in this easy-to-use CD-ROM format, just like their popular Mother Earth News Archive on CD-ROM.

Selected from 40 years of material, this collection provides 179 practical, insightful articles, including information, tips, and advice for:

  • cold frame gardening
  • growing dwarf fruit trees and nut trees
  • biodynamic gardening
  • growing $700 of food in 100 square feet
  • hydroponic greenhouse gardening
  • growing great salads year-round
  • gardening with organic pesticides
  • growing apples for homemade cider
  • indestructible tomato cages
  • starting your own seeds
  • building fertile soil
  • growing colorful bell peppers
  • the best organic ways to eliminate weeds
  • extending your growing season
  • planting an edible forest garden
  • and so much more!

This simply organized, completely searchable digital resource is packed with Mother Earth News' most useful and unique information on organic gardening to help you grow in the most natural, non-toxic way possible.

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