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Mother Earth News is pleased to bring you expert advice for self-sufficient living in the new and updated Collector Series: Modern Homesteading. This special guide brings you more than 40 articles covering self-reliant living, livestock and poultry, DIY projects, gardening, food and recipes, and more.

Our goal at Mother Earth News is to provide information and inspiration to help you live more simply, more securely, and more sustainably. Packed with timeless tips, beautiful photographs, and helpful charts, this collector series guide has more than enough information to get you thriving with your homestead.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve lived your whole life with your hands in the soil, you’re sure to find some helpful information to live a modern yet simple life on the homestead.

Selections from the 160-page softcover book include:

  • Financial Planning for an Off-Grid Homestead – A young couple from Idaho shares their savings plan.
  • Mob Grazing Made Simple – A mob of cows in a paddock system can help you cut hay expenses, improve soil, and maximize herd performance.
  • 5 Affordable DIY Rocket Stoves – These compact cookers are the perfect addition to any homestead.
  • Eat From Your Garden All Year – With these expert-recommended techniques and crop varieties, you can break through season barriers in your climate.
  • Easy, No-Knead Artisan Bread – Methods guaranteed to make everyone a baker.
  • Herbal Heart Tonics – Incorporate these five delicious herbs into your daily routine to strengthen and gladden your heart.
  • Turn Food Scrapes into Poultry Feasts – Give your chickens additional nutrition by balancing their rations with good garden waste.
  • Solar-Powered Pumps – Pump water with the power of the sun.
  • Fruit Trees Pruned for Small Space – This revolutionary pruning method will enable you to grow any type and variety of fruit in small spaces.
  • Brewing Beer: The Basics – Bottle your own beer by using four ingredients and following four steps.

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