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Anyone, at any age, can enjoy the benefits and pleasures of keeping a backyard chicken flock. Whether you have yet to take the plunge and buy your very first chickens or are a seasoned chicken owner, the newest Guide to Backyard Chickens is an enjoyable read for everyone! This guide from Grit is 100 pages of articles written by chicken experts. It provides tips for keeping a healthy, productive flock, plus recipes for eggs and chicken meat, building and renovating chicken coops, and information on owning ostriches and geese.

Articles include:

  • Common Chicken Ailments and How to Treat Them: Here's what you need to know to raise a healthy and productive laying flock.
  • Stress in Mail-Order Chicks: How to choose the best place to order chicks online to avoid shipping stress and how to save them if it occurs.
  • Dog Kennel Chicken Tractor: This mobile pen is easy to assemble and move - and sturdy enough to keep your flock well protected.
  • Way to Feed Your Chickens: Experienced keeper offers three methods for cutting costs while providing for your flock. 
  • When Hens Stop Laying: Suffering from empty nest syndrome? Try these measures to encourage your flock's egg production.
  • A History of Geese as Guard Animals: Owning a flock of geese is also a great way to control weeds.
  • Preparing Your Flock for Natural Disasters: With severe weather patterns on the rise, prepare to protect your backyard poultry.
  • Tips for Improving a Home Egg Business: Most consumers find it difficult to resist high-quality, farm-fresh eggs.
  • How to Make Delicious Poultry Sausage: Whatever your favorite fowl, use these preparation and cooking tips to create flavorful, juicy links for many meals.
  • Southwest Breakfast Pizza: A recipe perfect for all meals of the day, this pizza goes great with salad, fresh fruit, or fresh mixed veggies.
  • And more!

Over 20 articles penned by the top experts in the poultry industry fill this glossy paged resource. Whether you are just starting your chicken-raising adventure or are a seasoned chicken farmer, you will find something in this guide worth crowing about. Whether it be learning how to ferment chicken feed or instructions on building movable dropping boards, every reader can find something to benefit from here.

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