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This Carbon Fiber Heater is perfect for keeping the animals' lambing pens, chicken coops, and horse stables warm and comfortable. Unlike regular bulbs, carbon fiber bulbs have a long life and efficiently convert 98 percent of watts to heat. Due to their high heat output, these heaters should be hung higher than heat lamps, which allows heat to disperse over a large area (and prevents hot spots). Not recommended for use in chick brooders.

More information:

  • A unique internal tilt switch turns the unit off if an unsafe angle (greater than 30 degrees) is reached.
  • High-output carbon fiber bulbs produce four to six times more heat than conventional bulbs.
  • Simple on/off switch.
  • Secure hanging attachment.
  • 7.5 feet of cord.
  • Cooling fins reduce heat buildup around electronic controls.
  • Included reflecting cone directs heat downward toward livestock.
  • Wire grill prevents animals or birds from contacting bulbs.

Note: Even though Carbon Fiber Heaters can be considered safer than common metal heat lamps, still take every precaution to reduce fire risk. Secure the lamp several feet above the ground where it cannot be jostled by livestock.


  • When installing new bulbs, handle the bulb with a cloth or covering. This prevents oil transfer from your hands to the bulb, which reduces its usable life.
  • Due to the high heat output of these units, we recommend placing them higher (further away from the ground or animals) than conventional heat lamps. This will allow the heat to disperse over a larger area and prevents “hot spots” from forming. Do not allow birds/animals direct access to any heater or heat lamp.
  • Do not enclose in barrels or other similar enclosed locations. The heat must be able to move away from the heating unit.
  • It is not recommended to use an extension cord in situations where it can be avoided. If you do, you MUST use a heavy-duty outdoor extension cord that is rated for a minimum of 10 amps (1200 watts) continuous draw.

Warning: Risk of electrical shock — Connect only to a branch circuit protected by a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). Contact a qualified electrician if you cannot verify that the circuit is protected by a GFCI.

Please allow two weeks for delivery. Available for shipment to continental U.S.A addresses only.

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