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Save time with two grinds in one pass! The Dual Grind Meat Grinder can cycle through two grinds in a single pass. No more reloading for a second grind. This innovative technology has been used in commercial processing for years, and now we are bringing it to the home processing world! The secret is in the innovative design incorporating a unique double-edged knife and two grinder plates. The result is the quality and consistency of two separate grinds in just one pass. Combined with the Big Bite technology that allows the auger to take an extra big bite of meat and then move it through the grinder quicker than other grinders, you will get a premium grind in half the time!

Grinding on a daily basis? This meat grinder features a larger diameter head coupled with a powerful 1 HP motor, runs through meat like a hot knife through butter! Grinds approximately 13 lbs. per minute. Grinder meat pan is 16-1/2" x 12-1/8" x 3" deep and includes safety guard.

Top Features

  • One hp for an even better grind
  • New storage drawer directly underneath the grinder head
  • Rifled head for an easier second grind, and stuffing without the stomper
  • Quieter gears and upgraded performance 

Grinder Features and Accessories:

  • All stainless steel motor housing
  • All-metal gears with roller bearings
  • heavy duty handle for easy moving
  • Front storage drawer
  • 110 volt, permanently lubricated motor with improved grease formulation to reduce motor noise
  • built-in circuit breaker, stainless steel knife, head, auger, and large meat pan
  • stainless steel coarse (3/8") and fine (3/16") plates, three stuffing tubes (5/8", 1", 1-3/8" OD), and meat stomper

What Is Big Bite Technology?

Big Bite technology allows the auger to take an extra big bite of meat and then move it into the grinder head quicker than other grinders. The benefit? You grind more significant cuts of meat faster without clogging up the machine! A premium grind in half the time!

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