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Keep your food fresh longer by pulling air out of the mason jars and preserving the freshness of your sauces, mustards, jams, grains, nuts, and more.


  1. Choose the correct size sealing kit and jar lid. Place the lid on the top of the Mason jar.
  2. Push the jar sealer down firmly until it covers the entire rim of the jar.
  3. Manual Pump vs. Sealing Machine

Option A: Use with a manual vacuum pump. There are two ways to use a hand pump:

  • Method 1: Align the hole of the manual vacuum pump with the hole of the jar sealer and keep them tightly fitted. After 5–20 pumps, you will feel it is difficult to pump; the sealing process is complete.
  • Method 2: Attach the wider hose to the pump opening. On the other end, attach the 1st adaptor, prong side to the hose. Attach the narrower hose to that adaptor opening and attach the second adaptor opening to the other end of the narrow hose. Attach the 2nd adaptor's prong side into the hole of the jar sealer and pump for 10-15 min. Each adaptor and hose must be firmly inserted to prevent air from escaping.

Option B: Use with a vacuum sealing machine.


  1. Rotate and firmly insert the accessory hose connector and adapter hose.
  2. Tightly connect each hole to form an airtight space.
  3. Start the vacuum sealing machine; it will stop automatically when it is finished.
  4. Remove the hose connector and jar sealer from the Mason jar. The sealing process is complete.


  • Make sure that the Mason jar is not too full when vacuum sealing. Always leave at least one-inch headspace.
  • Make sure the jar sealer is pressed down completely. Otherwise, the air in the jar cannot be pumped out well, resulting in an unsuccessful seal.
  • Make sure that the lid is not defective (no bulges, not bent, etc.)
  • Any mason jar lid can be used with the sealer.
  • Make sure there are no cracks or scratches on the edge of the Mason jar. Any gap will prevent a tight seal.
  • Wipe the lid to ensure it is clean and dry. Be sure that the rubber gasket of the lid is free of any food materials.
  • Make sure that the accessory hose is firmly inserted into the accessory port on the sealing machine and the hole on the jar sealer.
  • To avoid accidents, please do not use a knife to remove the jar lid.

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