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Author: Creative Homeowner


318 pages

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Your ultimate guide to building the perfect deck!

  • How to add a deck to your home—whether doing it yourself or working with a contractor
  • Over 700 photos and illustrations in full color highlight clear, concise, friendly text
  • Step-by-step instructions for installing decking, cutting corner curves, breadboard edging, framing a platform, and much more
  • Full installation tutorial for the included sample deck design: a split-level deck
  • Code-compliant updates are included in this updated 6th edition
  • Inspirational gallery of decks created by master deck builders

Add the perfect deck and enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your own home!

Decks are one of the most popular additions to homes as homeowners seek to enhance the home, enjoy outdoor living, and expand living space. The Ultimate Guide to Decks, Updated 6th Edition leads you through the process of designing and building a deck, whether as a DIY project or when wanting to better understand how to work with a contractor.

Inside, you'll be inspired by decks created by the industry's leading professional deck builders, with more than 700 color photographs that highlight the clear, concise, and friendly text. Learn how to build your own design, follow the provided step-by-step sample design as is, or customize the sample design to suit your lifestyle and living space. This valuable resource helps homeowners choose the ideal addition and make it a reality!

The authors provide helpful advice on generating ideas, selecting materials, and using tools as they lead you through the complete process. Get expert insight on creating a custom deck that fits your home and lifestyle, learn the basics of the different types of composite deck materials, and explore detailed explanations of the various techniques needed to build like a pro. You'll find further inspiration in the dozens of deck designs and ideas from the nation's top deck designers and builders. Even a novice can create a finished deck using this complete guide, increasing your home's value by building one of the most popular additions that are most desired in the market.

This comprehensive, easy-to-read guide will walk you through the entire process of designing and building a deck from start to finish. With step-by-step instructions for accomplishing the included sample deck design, coordinating photography, expert advice, and code-compliant information, this complete guide will ensure you build the deck of your dreams—whether you want to do it yourself or hire a contractor. This updated 6th edition includes revisions to comply with major deck codes implemented in recent years.

Build the deck of your dreams with the help of The Ultimate Guide to Decks, Updated 6th Edition!

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