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Author: Fred Stetson

36 pages

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Many gardeners fashion cold frames from whatever materials they can find. Others rely on old standby covers, such as hot caps. Regardless of the type, row covers help protect plants from frost, wind, pests, rain, and snow.

This e-handbook advises you on the different types of row covers, how to make them and how to use them. Chapters include:

  • Extending Your Garden Season
  • The Ins and Outs of Floating Row Covers
  • Plastic Tunnels and Mulches
  • Planning Your Garden Protection
  • Installing Mulches, Tunnels, and Row Covers
  • Timing, Pollination, and Optimum Temperatures
  • Storing Protective Covers
  • Frost Dates

Proper protection will result in hardy, healthy plants. 36 pages.

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