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In today's world, stress and anxiety seem to be constant companions in life journeys. What can be done about the crushing burdens both place? Author Suzanne Tabert turns to the plants.

Discusses the benefits of:

  • ashwagandha
  • chamomile
  • hawthorn
  • lavender
  • lemon balm
  • motherwort
  • mugwort
  • nettles
  • oats
  • reishi
  • mushrooms
  • violets

Tabert offers ways to use these remedies to lessen anxiety about modern-day life.

An herbalist and teacher, Tabert shares her vast knowledge as a way to provide help and relief to those suffering from anxiety and other problems. The plant world freely provides humans with myriad ways to treat any number of illnesses and conditions that plague them. Delve into what plants offer, and discover the means of bettering your life and your family's life.

As Suzanne says, "My prayer and hope are that you find peace, joy, and freedom within these pages and yourself. Like me, you will have a wide variety of coping mechanisms and plant resources to support you and sustain you during tough times."

Open yourself to the world of plants, a world of wonders.

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