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Author: Fred Demara


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Want to take your prepping to the next level?

The Mother Earth News Prepper Set is perfect for you!

This exclusive set includes:

  • Guerrilla Gardening for Long-Term Survival
  • Eating on the Run: Survival Foraging
  • Surviving on Edible Insects
  • Building Bare-Handed Survival Shelters

Guerrilla Gardening for Long-Term Survival

Eating local takes on a whole new meaning in a survival scenario. The ability to feed oneself efficiently and discreetly under varying conditions could prove indispensable in a prolonged upheaval (where normal food distribution is halted or seriously disrupted). A bonus of growing your own food is that it is cheaper, fresher, tastier, and as organic as you make it, and your footprint (carbon and otherwise) is greatly minimized. In Fred Demara's revised version of this how-to manual, he gives readers food for thought about starting their own guerrilla gardens.

Eating on the Run: Survival Foraging

There are some 2,000 edible plants recorded, most of which are not cultivated as crops. Growing wild, these little-appreciated but healthful and palatable plants can feed you well in the wilderness at every time of year, even in the dead of winter.

Eating on the Run will equip you with a working knowledge of dozens of readily harvested plants, grasses, nuts, and berries that require the least if any, preparation. You will learn how to distinguish safe plants from toxic varieties, which parts of the plants are edible and when, and where abundant supplies are likely to be in each season.

Surviving on Edible Insects

In this unique guide, author Fred Demara shares tips for identifying safe insects, locating their habitats, harvesting them in numbers, and preparing them properly to make them safe and tasty to eat while on the move. Find the idea of eating insects hard to swallow? Get over it. To sustain life, if you don’t have the food you love, then you’d better learn to love the food you have.

Building Bare-Handed Survival Shelters

In this practical work focusing on building survival shelters by hand, Fred Demara teaches what has been proven to work for such improvised structures (because learning by trial and error is too costly in a survival scenario). Shelters built with the tried-and-true techniques and materials of Native Americans (and even those who came before them on this continent) still work.

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