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This green wall is your friend for life. Be it a limited space issue, a weather scare for your delicate herbs, or just sprucing up the corner of your home. The mobility of this product helps move your plant wall anywhere in your home or outside even. Create and move your green space as per your choice.

Choose between Black, Spring Bouquet, Violet, or Living Coral pot colors.

BPA-free Planters, made with first-grade recycled plastic. Safe for growing edible plants.

  • The corrosion-resistant metal frame keeps the product rust-free
  • It brings the ease of moving all your plants together when moving homes or relocating the plants
  • Ideal for herbs, salad greens, berries, and succulents
  • Small Pot Dimensions: 5 x 6.5 x 5 inches (WxHxD)
  • Large Pot Dimensions: 15.74 x 7.67 x8.07 inches (WxHxD)
  • Each kit comes with a pre-assembled micro dripping irrigation system. The benefit of drip irrigation is water will be irrigated precisely into each pot

Herbal Wall

Create your own mobile herbal wall and get fresh herbs whenever you need them. You can move the green wall to shade or light as per the requirement of the plants and also move it in during harsh winter months.

Floral Décor

Give your patio a facelift with a bright floral wall, and enjoy compliments from your friends.

Family DIY Garden

Create a family activity with this Mobile Green Wall and let your kids get involved in this learning process and help them understand where the food comes from. Letting them get their hands dirty will help them value food and enjoy eating what they grow. 

Each Color Choice Includes

  • Metal mobile wall single frame x 1
  • Herb & Flower pot (dimensions W x H x D: 5 x6.5 x 5 inches) x 9
  • Vegetable & Fruit pot (dimensions W x H x D: 7 x 7.5 x 8 inches) x 2
  • Grow-your-own planter (dimensions W x H x D: 15.75 x 7.67 x 8.07) x 2
  • Pre-assembled micro-irrigation system x 1

Overall Dimensions: 45 (H) x 17.71 (W) X 12.59 (L) inches

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