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Author: Richo Cech


336 pages

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Making Plant Medicine is about making herbal medicine. This is a modern medicine-making book and formulary with its roots in original herbalism designed for every medicinal herb gardener to cultivate the full potential of the plant-human relationship. Richo Cech tells very good stories based on his experience as a global wanderer, gardener, herbalist, and medicine maker.

With this fully revised and updated 4th edition, Richo Cech has enriched his formulary with 28 new herbs, providing a broader view of useful plant species that can be cultivated in the home garden and used in family health care. Original, amusing, and absolutely useful.

Topics included are:

Part 1: Medicine Making

  • Drying and processing herbs
  • Making tinctures the easy way
  • The mathematics of tincturing and solubility factors
  • Basic formulas for fresh and dry tinctures, including dosages
  • Vinegar extracts, glycerites, herbal succi, and syrups teas, decoctions, herbal oils, salves and creams, poultices, compresses, and soaks

Part 2: A Gardener's Formulary

This section covers well over 100 herbs that are readily cultivated in North America.

  • Conservation status
  • Parts used
  • Specific formulas
  • Practical uses
  • Dosages
  • Contraindications
  • Overview of alternate species

Since the beginning, the garden has been a haven of good physical and spiritual values. The act of gardening provides a balm for every wound. May your medicine be of the garden, and may it be of benefit to all.

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