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Author: Dalia Monterroso


191 pages


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Dalia Monterroso, founder of the popular website Welcome to Chickenlandia, brings a fresh, inclusive voice to the community of backyard chicken keeping with this entry-level guide designed to empower anyone who's always wanted to keep chickens but may have thought it required special knowledge and a large investment in equipment. Monterroso's enthusiasm is contagious as she conveys the basics of chicken keeping, with an emphasis on low-cost, natural practices, and shares her belief that humans have an innate ability to care for chickens.

Asserting that the backyard chicken community welcomes everyone, she addresses a broad audience, including those in urban and suburban locations. Readers will learn how to plan their flock, how to raise baby chicks, what to look for in a chicken coop, how to keep chickens healthy naturally, and more. Drawing from her own experience as the child of Guatemalan immigrants, Monterroso celebrates how chicken-keeping has been practiced around the world and offers an opportunity to connect with previous generations and transcend cultural, racial, economic, and political divides.

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Kale Roberts
Best Beginner Book for Those Keeping a Few Chickens as Pets

This is the best book I've come across for first-time chicken-keepers—especially those who wish to maintain a small backyard flock as pets using natural and organic techniques. From nutrition to troubleshooting common health issues, Monterroso gives "just enough" information to get me started. I recommend pairing this book with MOTHER EARTH NEWS Raise Backyard Chickens, which provides nitty-gritty and comprehensive detail.