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Author: James Fitzgerald


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Next to the wheel and the plow, the fence ranks high as a major landmark in the progress of civilization. Historically, it was such a simple tool and yet it gave man the enormous capability of making boundaries, separations, edges, and limits. For the first time, a man could organize his geography and the things in it. He could keep things in and keep things out. He could contain his livestock, defend himself with barriers, and define his territory.

This e-handbook concerns itself principally with the practical aspects of fences. Basic indoor planning steps and an equal number of outdoor planning steps are needed to keep you away from mistakes or miscalculations in building a fence. Chapters in this e-handbook include:

  • How to Plan Ahead
  • How to Construct a Legal Fence
  • How to Avoid Fence Post Problems
  • How to Choose the Right Type of Fence
  • How to Select the Right Tools
  • How to Use the Best Construction Technique
  • How to Construct Workable Gates
  • How to Build Safely

A must-have reference for anyone wanting to build a fence. 35 pages.

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