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Curious about starting a homestead? Our Homesteader’s Starter Set is the perfect place to begin!

This set includes:

  • 52 Homestead Skills
  • Mother Earth News: Raise Backyard Bees
  • Mother Earth News: Raise Backyard Chickens

52 Homestead Skills follows homesteader Kimberlee Bastien as she learns one homesteading skill per week over the course of an entire year. The book details all of Bastien’s adventures, from building a beehive and becoming a beekeeper to creating her own laundry and dish soap. Whether you already live on a homestead, are transitioning onto one, or are only thinking about it, 52 Homestead Skills will help turn your dreams into a life worth living.

Packed with skills such as making deodorant, building a chicken chunnel, and freezing jam, the 52 projects in this book will prove helpful to any homesteader!

Learn everything you need to know about keeping chickens on your homestead in Raise Backyard Chickens!

Whether you live on 1,000 acres or 1,000 square feet, there’s plenty of room in your backyard for a flock of chickens. Join the chicken revolution today and be prepared to reap a lifetime of benefits that goes far beyond the enjoyment and the eggs.

This book will help get you started with everything from incubating fertile eggs to receiving and raising day-old chicks to build a chicken coop to keeping your birds safe and healthy. You’ll find top-notch advice on protecting your flock from predators, producing the healthiest eggs, and much more.

Have you heard the buzz about keeping bees on your homestead?

In Raise Backyard Bees, you will find beekeeping information on building beehives, installing bees in the hive, gathering up a swarm, breeding queen bees, caring for your bees, harvesting honey, and processing honey for sale.

You’ll meet people who dreamed of becoming beekeepers for years before taking the plunge, who has been working with bees for decades, and who inherited their love of bees from family members. We’ve even included a few recipes where you can use your freshly harvested honey for delicious results.

The Homesteader’s Starter Set is the perfect opportunity to make your homesteading dreams a reality!

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