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GardenGro is specifically designed for backyard gardens, mixed with the perfect blend of minerals and nutrients to encourage healthy growth and beautiful produce.

GardenGro's ingredients are 100% natural and certified organic, so you never have to worry about mystery chemicals absorbing into your fruits and vegetables.

KozGro Organics' unique blend of plant-based ingredients helps encourage healthy growth and robust fruit and vegetable yield.

GardenGro is designed to result in healthy plant growth and repair soil damage by helping to increase the soil's natural fertility.

The more regularly KozGro is used in your garden, the healthier and more fertile your soil will become because KozGro never strips your soil of nutrients; it repairs and nourishes.

Nurture healthier fruits and vegetables while nourishing the soil with GardenGro!

  • Formulated for all fruit and vegetable-bearing plants
  • Boost worm population
  • Increase yield
  • Raise soil quality
  • Boost nutrient uptake
  • Improve plant health
  • Easy to use with the safety of your family in mind

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