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Whether you are looking to enter the world of fermented foods or know someone who is, our Fermenting Gift Set is the absolute best introduction to fermentation. With this star-studded package comes the go-to guide for fermenting foods, a kit with gear to get you started, and a durable grater to get you through a lifetime of fermenting. With so much offered in one set, your first batch can be your best batch!

This set includes:

Fermented Vegetables

With this guide, even beginners can make their own fermented foods! You’ll find in-depth instructions for making kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, and over 120 recipes, using those basic methods for fermenting 64 different vegetables and herbs. You’ll discover how easy it is to make dozens of exciting dishes, including pickled Brussel sprouts, curried golden beets, carrot kraut, and pickled green coriander. The recipes are creative, delicious, and healthful; many of them can be made in small batches — even just a single pint.

Masontops Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit – Wide Mouth

This kit is perfect for the beginner and the seasoned fermenter. Included is enough product to make four batches simultaneously, plus the all-natural Pickle Packer. With all that’s offered, the value of this starter kit cannot be beaten. Packed thoughtfully and sold with a free download of a step-by-step guide, this product will convert anyone curious about fermenting their own foods.

Kit includes:

  • 4 Pickle Pebbles (Wide)
  • 4 Pickle Pipes (Wide)
  • 1 Pickle Packer

Natural Home Box Grater with Catch Stainless Steel & Bamboo

With handsome, natural bamboo accents and durable recycled stainless steel grating surfaces, this 12-inch Box Grater with Catch is the perfect addition to any kitchen. The bamboo catch will help keep your kitchen spotless and easily slide on and off the grater, making it a breeze to add freshly grated cheese, vegetables, or fruit to any dish. This four-sided tool can do it all, with a side for grating, zesting, and slicing any fruit or vegetable.

Tough, durable, and lightweight, bamboo is natural in the kitchen. One of nature's most sustainable resources, bamboo is stronger than oak and reaches maturity in just four years — without pesticides. Bamboo's density makes it naturally water-resistant, which inhibits germs and bacteria. It won't scratch your pans like metal and doesn't absorb moisture like conventional wood.

Stainless steel is unique in its ability to be recycled. On average, conventional stainless steel is composed of 30% recycled content. In Natural Home Products, that amount is 93%.


  • Made of stainless steel with bamboo handle and catch
  • Four stainless steel sides for grating, testing, and slicing
  • The stainless steel used is 93 percent recycled and naturally water-resistant
  • Hand wash only

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