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Drain Field Cleaner turns the organic sludge and clogs into harmless liquid and gases -- clearing up the tank and opening up your drain field pipes and drain/leach field in the ground around the pipes -- and gets your system flowing smoothly again. 

Clears Drain Fields & Tanks of Clogs, Sludge, & Scum: Try before you pump! Gets drain fields flowing again by clearing out organic clogs in the lateral lines. Clears organic clogs and sludge from septic tanks and drain fields and can eliminate the need for pumping -- saving hundreds of dollars. Saves thousands over drain field replacement.

Get your systems flowing smoothly again: Fixes backups, slow draining & flushing, gurgling noises, and septic odors due to organic solids build up in your septic pipes, tank, and drain field. Note: It will not clear roots and inorganic waste such as toilet paper, toys, and foreign objects.

Rejuvenates Failed Drain Fields & Extends Septic System Life: Systems that have been dormant or have been overtreated with chemicals can be rejuvenated with Drain Field Cleaner. The Accelerator formula, plus the boost of the proven blend of septic bacteria, re-launches the septic biome.

NOT just another bacteria, enzyme, or yeast: Accelerator’s patent-pending formula makes bacteria reproduce and grow up to 40 times faster -- creating a massive army of big, hungry bacteria that quickly clears septic drain fields, leach fields, organic sludge, and clogs.

Eliminates odors within hours: Foul odors can be embarrassing, especially when you have guests visiting your home. Our high-strength septic and drain field cleaner prevents foul sewage odors from invading your home.

Commercial strength BIO-ACCELERATOR: The Accelerator by Dr. Pooper formula was developed to decrease solids in municipal wastewater systems -- millions of gallons -- and has been proven repeatedly even at that massive scale.

Money-back Guarantee: Try it risk-free, and if it doesn't get your system flowing again or keep it flowing, we'll refund your jar of Drain Field Cleaner.

Works in All Systems: For aerobic, anaerobic, cesspools, sand mound systems, and pet waste disposal systems. Also, safe for old systems with iron, clay, and even rope components.

Made in the USA: Dr. Pooper products are developed and made in the USA. In case of any questions or queries, feel free to contact us anytime.

  • Includes 15 "FS66" Commercial-Strength Tablets
  • Easy To Use: Just Flush
  • Clears Drain Fields to Get Them Flowing Again
  • Clears Your Tank & Pipes of Organic Solids
  • Safe for All Systems, Including Older Iron & Ceramic Pipes
  • Works for Aerobic & Anaerobic Systems
  • Works in Traditional Drain Fields AND Spray Irrigation Systems
  • Eliminates the Production of Odors & Harmful H2S Gas
  • Totally Safe & Non-toxic (for pets, kids, yard, etc)
  • Great for Rejuvenating Old Septic Systems
  • 30-day money back guarantee

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