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This e-book is packed with 20 customizable designs, gardening tips and tricks, and conventional wisdom about the many uses of herbs.

Creating Custom Garden Spaces is a fabulous guide to planning an organized, beautiful, and practical garden for any space, large or small. Whether you’re a first-timer or an avid gardener, our detailed illustrations and maps will help you give your garden personality with our easily understandable designs, including:

  • Mexican herb and green salad food gardens
  • Medicinal herb gardens
  • Gardens for pots and for tight spaces
  • Fragrant and flowering herb gardens
  • Gardens for children
  • Gardens that prevent deer
  • Fence line and mailbox gardens
  • Hammock and walkway gardens
  • Gardens designed for use with a rain barrel
  • Gardens that attract birds and butterflies

With the help of this convenient digital handbook, you’ll learn about companion planting and building raised beds. You'll also learn about medicinal uses for herbs. With this great resource, creating a custom garden will be easy and enjoyable.

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*E-Books are Eco-friendly! By supporting digital products like this one you help conserve resources and energy involved in printing standard books. Order your downloadable digital e-book and start planning your garden today!


*PC requirements for CD-ROM: CD-ROM drive, Adobe Acrobat Reader (available from

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