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Author: Pat Storer

35 pages

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Many people dislike the thought of putting an animal, especially a beloved family pet, in a “cage.” The crate is designed for the dog’s well-being and the owner’s convenience and peace of mind.

In this e-handbook, you will find ways to crate train both new puppies and older dogs properly. Chapters include:

  • The Benefits of Crate Training
  • Which Crate Is Right for Your Dog?
  • Maintaining Your Crate
  • Finding the Right Location for the Crate
  • Crate Training a Puppy
  • Crate Training an Older Dog
  • Problem Behaviors in the Crate
  • Alleviating Boredom in the Crate

If dogs are crate trained properly and with a positive attitude, they accept and even enjoy their sequestered time.

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