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You've proven yourself as a brewing prodigy. It's time to step up your game and build out your brewhouse.

Epic flames of the Dark Star® Burner blast your wort to boiling in under 20 minutes. The full-volume capacity of the Megapot 1.2 Kettle increases hop utilization and flavor profile. Ultra-efficient cooling with the copper chiller boosts clarity and wards off infection, saving you over an hour on brew day.

Get out of the kitchen and don't just make better beer, make more of it. Skyrocket quality and efficiency, and start making the most of your brew day.

Pack includes:

  • 8-Gallon Stainless Steel Megapot Brew Kettle
    • Ideal for boiling no more than 5-6 gallons of wort
    • Stainless steel
    • Stay cool silicone handles on kettle and lid to limit scorching
    • Graduated volume markers inside the gallon
    • 4mm thick Tri-Clad bottom
    • Diameter by Height: 12.6" by 15.4"
    • Metric Internal Diameter by Height: 32 cm x 38 cm
    • Wall thickness: .8 mm
  • Dark Star® 2.0 Burner, Black
    • 65,000 BTUs
    • 3.5" Wind Guard
    • Adjustable Regulator to easily control gas flow
    • 6" Diameter Banjo-Style Burner
    • Lighter Port
    • No Assembly
    • Boils 5 gallons in 20 minutes
  • Copperhead® Immersion Chiller
    • A standard garden hose connection allows for brewing outside or connects to a laundry sink faucet as your chilling water source
    • 25-foot copper immersion wort chiller
    • Maximize flow and minimize fuss.
    • Drop-angle eliminates kinked tubing
    • No more hassling with propping up the water hose
    • Tubing can now hang tension-free, kink-free, and problem-free.
    • 9" wide
    • 6" tall

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