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Author: Mother Earth News

167 pages

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Gardening A-Z brings you the best in vegetable gardening tips and instructions. With this handy, informative e-book, you can choose the right varieties for your particular garden and discover new options you’ve never considered before. Our expert and time-tested advice will help you grow healthy, beautiful vegetables, which includes:

  • Seven steps to growing superior asparagus spears
  • Sweet beets, one of the sweetest and most nutritious of all vegetables
  • Beautiful and bountiful broccoli
  • Grow your own corn with the freshest flavor
  • Start a cold-hardy crop of kale now for sweet soups and salads this winter
  • Discover which types of onions are the best choices for your garden and kitchen
  • Parsnips are the ivory jewel of the root vegetables
  • Fresh peas from the garden are a sweet and nutritious treat
  • Peppers are easy to raise and as versatile as they are various
  • Dozens of different varieties of potatoes you can grow in your garden
  • You can grow the most delicious tomatoes

You’ll also learn to control pests naturally, plant to improve your soil, and find out when and how to harvest for the best flavor. Also, check out seed sources, preservation methods, and seed-saving techniques. Whether this is your first foray into gardening or you have decades of experience, you’re sure to find helpful tips and instructions on these pages. Happy gardening!

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