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Whether you raise livestock for meat or have a bountiful garden full of produce, this 7-Tray X-Large Freeze Dryer is perfect for freeze-drying fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, meals, desserts, and more. Patented technology preserves the taste, nutrition, and texture of nearly any food for up to 25 years!

Dimensions: 24.3" W x 37.4" D x 35.6" H

Tray Dimension: 10.9" W x 29.5" x 0.75" H

Additional Information:

  • Freeze dry 5,000 lbs. of fresh food per year (30-40 lbs. per batch)
  • In a year’s time, you can freeze dry 1200-Gallons of food
  • Easy to use just press start, and the freeze dryer will beep when finished
  • Maintenance: simply filter and replace oil; takes 1 or 2 minutes
  • 298 lbs.
  • Maximum Drying Time: 36 hours
  • Power: 110 volts (NEMA 5-20) outlet. A dedicated 20 amp circuit is required. At peak, the X-Large freeze dryer draws about 17 amps, but on average, about 13 amps (1600 watts) of power per hour.

The 6-Tray X-Large Freeze Dryer Includes:

  • X-Large Freeze Dryer
  • XL Premier Vacuum Pump
  • Vacuum Pump Oil
  • Oil Filter
  • Stainless Steel Trays (set of 7)
  • Guide to Freeze Drying
  • Mylar Bags (50 ct)
  • Oxygen Absorbers (50 ct)
  • Impulse Sealer

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