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Have you always wanted to grow tomatoes in your garden but never had enough space? Well, the Tomato Tower is the answer to that problem! The Tomato Tower trains your tomato plants to grow vertical instead of horizontal by weaving the plant through the support rings. When your tomato plant grows, just add a support ring or adjust the height of the pole (up to 6 feet tall)! This is the perfect replacement to flimsy tomato cages that always fall over.

Not only is the Tomato Tower built to last, with a galvanized steel pole and powder coated support rings, it produces more crop, saves space, allows more air flow to the plant for less disease, it’s easier to pick, and it works with cucumbers, pole beans, zucchini, sugar snap peas, and squash!

The Tomato Tower includes:

    • 4-piece steel pole
    • 4 powder coated support rings

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