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Whether you’re looking for a farm-to-table solution that provides fresh meat and dairy products today, or a long-term plan that will feed you and your family after the collapse of civilization (or both!), this all-in-one preparedness guide is for you. It teaches sustainable animal husbandry skills that allow you to build and operate your own small-scale ranch anywhere from a backyard to a bug-out bunker. Packed with tips, techniques, and strategies, this handy guide breaks down everything you need to know, including how to:

  • Choose the best breeds for your needs
  • Build barns, coops, hutches, and fencing
  • Grow feed and utilize pastures
  • Breed your stock and raise offspring
  • Protect your animals from predators
  • Provide basic health and vet care
  • Preserve fresh milk, eggs, and meat

Category: Livestock , Bookstore

Author: Leigh Tate

Pages: 231

Format: Paperback

Item Number: 9212

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