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EM-1® Microbial Inoculant, is a liquid bacterial product comprising three groups of beneficial microbes: Yeast, Photosynthetic Bacteria, and Lactic Acid Bacteria.They work together with local and native beneficial microbes, creating a synergy among microorganisms and larger forms of life including insects and worms. This increases the number and diversity of microbes in the soil and speeds up chemical processes such as organic matter decomposition and nutrient cycling. Without such processes, nutrients would remain in forms unavailable to plants.

Regular use of EM•1® ( Effective Microorganisms) Microbial Inoculant converts organic matter into soil humus and improves the soil structure by producing high levels of polysaccharides, beneficial enzymes and organic acids.

The result is amended soil that is better able to absorb and retain moisture, as well as cycle nutrients.


• Improves water absorption
• Restores the natural balance of healthy soil
• Naturally loosens compacted soil
• Improves seed germination and root development
• Increases nutrient availability
• Restores the plants natural resistance to disease and pests
• Improves plant quality: size, color, and shelf life
• Accelerates conversion of organic matter into soil humus
• Increases beneficial microbial activity
• Bioremediation Bacteria Eliminates Foul Odors In The Home (Pets, Smoke, Garbage, Drains, Paint, etc.)
• OMRI Listed

Suggested Uses: Apply to soils and lawn areas, on crops and ornamentals, around animal housing areas, and for bioremediation indoors.


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