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If you drink coffee (or can get the grounds in bulk from a coffee shop),an 8-ounce package of the Coffee Cultivator makes a great, fun way to recycle used coffee grounds, filters and all! With the starter culture, you can fill any container with a lid day after day with your grounds … and soon you will be cooking up some tasty oyster mushrooms to celebrate your willingness to help the environment! Detailed directions are included. This item is perfect for break rooms and employee lounges, where the culture can be mixed in periodically into a paper and coffee composting bucket. It will eventually fruit and produce edible oyster mushrooms! It also makes a great gift for any occasion.

Edibility and taste: meaty and sweet. Grows on: coffee grounds, but also many other agricultural wastes. Fruiting temperatures: 55-95 degrees Fahrenheit. Availability: year-round

Because each mushroom kit is freshly packed to order, please allow ten business days to ship your order.

This item is available for shipment to USA addresses only.

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Author: Mushroom Mountain


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