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This one little 5-foot plant support kit has everything you need to build a cage, trellis, fence, a-frame, tee-pee or any combination of shapes. Whether your plants are tall, tumbling, or towering, no one plant frame can do it all—until now!

Meet the versatile Plant Support Kit featuring patented C-BITEs plus everything else you’ll need to start growing a huge healthy harvest or showy container. No more short ties or messy spools, no more danger from sharp garden stakes. No more settling for the clunky shape and size of tired tomato cages.

Polyethylene-coated steel stakes and partially recycled Delron C-BITEs won't rust or degrade in sunlight and lasts for years!

Looking to buy more C-BITEs for your plant support system? CLICK HERE to take a look at the C-BITE GARDENING CLIPS.

The 5-foot C-BITE Plant Support Kit is a refreshing product for growing huge, healthy plants and includes:

• 5-foot Stakes - 4 qty
• 2.5-foot Crossbars - 4 qty
• C-BITEs 10/11mm - 17 qty
• 12" Precut Garden Ties - 20 qty
• Stake Safety Caps


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