This Artisan Bread Lame is specially designed for professional and artisan home bakers to easily score dough to control expansion of each loaf as it bakes. Scoring marks also create a pattern in the dough for homemade loaves of bread with an artisan beauty and professional finish. Made from 18/8 stainless steel and Romanian Beechwood, this specialty bread baking tool is strong and durable to outlast thousands of uses. FDA and LFGB approved plus Proposition 65 compliant, it includes the Bread Lame Tool and 15 double-edge dough scoring blades. Blades can be rotated to different corners to maximize their uses. To use, simply slide the Bread Lame rod carefully through a slot in a blade front then slide the rod up the back of the blade and through the slot in the opposite end of the blade.

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    Want to get started making sourdough bread at home? We’ve built this kit for you!

    The Beginner’s Sourdough Kit includes the book DIY Sourdough, a round bread-proofing basket, a digital scale, a grip-ez chopper/scraper, and a digital instant read thermometer.

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    This classic heirloom starter culture ferments white flour to make deliciously tangy San Francisco-style bread, pizza crust, and more! This is a great sourdough starter culture for both beginning and experienced bakers!

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    This Wooden Corn Cutter and Creamer is a simple yet efficient tool to remove corn from the cob in just a few swipes. The stainless steel blade yields perfect whole kernels when the shredder is removed and scraper is lowered. With shredder in place, it's great for making cream style corn.

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