This cheese press is designed for making small batches of cheese at home and features all-stainless steel hardware.

    Makes 1- to 2-Pound Wheel of Cheese: This cheese press will hold 2 gallons of milk and will make a 1- to 2-pound wheel of cheese.

    No Additives or Preservatives: Homemade cheese is a healthier choice. Commercial cheeses may contain artificial colors or additives. Making cheese at home allows you to choose your own ingredients and decide what works best for you.

    Creates Uniform Cheese: Pressing cheese is a process that expels remaining moisture from the curd and improves the final texture, creating a firm rind on the outside of the cheese and a smooth, uniform consistency within. Pressing gives the cheese the traditional wheel shape and readies it for aging.

    Made to Last: The stainless steel base and cylinder with precision-machined all-metal gears inside a protective gearbox will keep you making cheese for years to come.

    Easy Cleanup: The cylinder, base, and piston are all easily removed for cleanup. Dishwasher safe.

    Easy to Use: Simply crank the handle to press out the whey and make a perfectly formed wheel of cheese.

    Please allow two weeks for delivery. Available for shipment to continental U.S. addresses only.

    Item: 9956

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    An easy-to-dissolve, iodine-free salt perfect for cheesemaking.

    Item: 10190

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    New to making cheese? Or just don't have the tools you need? This kit contains tools for making cheese of any kind. And by purchasing this kit you are saving money over buying the tools individually.

    These stainless steel tools are strong, last long, and won't tarnish or drop off other metals or coatings (as other metals do). These are the tools used at Homesteaders Supply to make all kinds of cheese, and they are the best for most situations. For example, the 5-quart colander is the perfect size. Cover it with cheesecloth, place it atop a large bowl, place your curds onto the cloth, and allow to drain. This works well for large or small curds, and for making soft or harder cheeses.

    Item: 8850

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    New to making cheese? Or just don't have the tools you need? This kit contains tools for making cheese of any kind. And by purchasing this kit you are saving money over buying the tools individually.

    Item: 8843



    The Comark pocket thermometer measures 5 inches long with a 1-inch dial, so it's compact and lightweight for carrying in a jacket or apron pocket. It's designed to be water-resistant because it's made of stainless steel and has a tightly sealed, plastic lens that doesn't accumulate moisture during use. To keep the thermometer accurate and ensure the unit works correctly every time, users can adjust the calibration nut. This thermometer comes individually boxed.

    Product Details:

    • Temperature measurement range: 0-220 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Matching sheath with pocket clip secures the item
    • Made of rust-resistant stainless steel
    • Plastic lens is watertight and doesn't harbor moisture buildup

    Item: 10187

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    Ideal for taking quick temperatures in the kitchen.

    Measures: 1.25" x 6" x 1.25" with a 1” face

    F1.5V Button cell battery included.

    Item: 10294

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    Ideal for measuring accurate portions in the kitchen. Scale measures up to 11 pounds.

    Easily accessible zero adjustment for consistent accuracy. Measures pounds, kilograms, grams and ounces. Two AAA batteries included.

    Measures: 7.25" x 7" x .5"

    Item: 10293

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    Cheese Making Kit for Hard Cheeses featuring the Ultimate Cheese Press, a Hardwood Cheese Press made for home cheese makers, and manufactured right here in the USA!

    Item: 11105

    Double-strength liquid vegetable rennet. Each bottle contains enough rennet to set 24 2-gallon batches of cheese.

    Item: 10188

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    High quality food grade cheesecloth with dense cotton weave made out of 100% natural, unbleached cotton.

    Excellent for basting, stuffing poultry, straining stocks and broth, canning, wrapping cheese, and wine making. Also ideal for straining custards, making tofu and ghee, thickening yogurt, and more!

    Create bags of herbs and seasonings to use for soups and other dishes, or make homemade teabags using loose tea and home grown herbs.

    Also great for furniture refinishing, waxing, polishing, shrubbery protection and crafts. Washable and reusable.

    Dimensions: 36” x 36”

    Item: 10295

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    This plastic mesh strainer will be a great addition to your kitchen tools! The multiuse tool in great for straining kefir grains, brewing tea, dusting confections with powdered sugar, and more!

    The strainer is made out of stainless steel mesh, with the frame and handle made of durable plastic.

    Features two "lips" on one side and handle on the other for conveniently resting on a bowl or pot.

    Measures: 6" x 2.5" x 1.5"

    Item: 10291

    Format: Other/miscellaneous products


    Now you can obtain the best cheese press available on the market today, and make your own hard cheeses at home! Plus, order this press and we’ll even add in some 90-count cheesecloth and a cheddar recipe. (All you need is the milk and cheesemaking ingredients!)

    Designed specifically for hard cheesemaking, the Ultimate Cheese Press features all-natural hard cherry wood sourced right here in the United States. Each press is preserved with 100 percent organic, non-GMO, cold-pressed coconut oil, and the natural antibacterial properties of the real wood and natural oil pay off: There’s no odors or chemicals, the wood is waterproof, and you can rest assured that your food is coming into contact only with natural products. What’s more, the latest research confirms that wood inhibits bacterial growth. (That’s not the case for plastics such as melamine. Now you know why everyone’s going back to butcher block cutting boards!)

    Each press is as unique as the wood it's made from. The innovative design makes pressing cheese easy and reliable. No need for pressure gauges, no lopsided cheeses: Every product comes out great!

    This item is available for shipment to USA addresses only.

    Item: 8807

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