With the need for garden lovers to be able to support their plants for the entire growth season, so EZ Rings were developed as a fully functional, compact, quick, and easy way to support your plants that is long-lasting using high-quality and environmentally friendly materials. This is essentially a customizable tomato cage that gives you the ability to add additional support rings as the plant growth cycle continues. All without harming the plant.

Engineered to be customizable for every plant, the rings can be placed where the plant needs them the most. In order for you to maximize every plant’s growth and yield, you need to keep weight off of the stock so it’s allowed to keep growing upright.

The EZ Rings have no height limit. You can add them as high as the plant grows, giving it the support it needs for the entire gardening season.

Customize your plants with the EZ Rings:

  • Eight-inch rings are designed to be attached around the plant where your fruits grow closest to the stock of the plant.
  • Ten-inch rings are designed to be attached midway off the stock of the plant for those fruits needing support.
  • Twelve-inch rings are designed to be attached the furthest out from the stock of the plant, supporting those fruits in need.

Benefits of EZ Rings:

  • Rings that Grow with your Plant
  • Support your Plant as it Grows
  • Fast and Easy to Install
  • Guaranteed to Produce more Fruits and Vegetables
  • Long Lasting
  • Better Air Flow for Mold & Fungus control